“Ajabu Ridgebacks” was founded and registered with KUSA in 2011.  We are a husband and wife team that developed a profound love for the breed.  Anelda (wife) is a Veterinarian and Jake (husband) is in the Veterinary Pet Food Industry.  We have twin boys, almost nine years old now.  When we moved into a big house with a nice yard we looked for a breed that would serve as a family dog and would also be able to protect.  We did not have to look far.  A proudly Southern African breed fit perfectly into our criteria.  Along came the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Our first Ridgeback is a male named “Venom” and is now 4 years old.  A month younger we have “Spider-Girl”.  She is our first female.  We were so impressed by these two great dogs that we decided to breed with them.  As a result we moved to a plot to have more space.  We have since added four more lovely females to our family.  They are “Storm”, “Elektra”, “Rogue”, and “Sable”.  All of our Ridgebacks come from different bloodlines from all over the country.  We also have four small dogs in our family.  Most of them are rescues.  
Ajabu” is a Swahili word that translates to English as marvel, marvellous or amazing.  We came up with this name due to the fact that our twin boys named our first two Ridgebacks with Marvel Comic Character names.  Subsequently now all of our Ridgebacks have Marvel Comic Character names.
We have not come across any other breed that is such a great family dog and as great a guard dog as the Ridgeback.  With the amazing dual purpose of this breed in combination with a Vet and Pet Food Guru you can be assured to get a great pup from us.  Nothing less than the best!!!